Robert L. Wallace

Robert L. Wallace

Our first Guest will be successful Entrepreneur Dr. Rober L. Wallace.

Robert L. Wallace is an accomplished engineer, entrepreneur, author, business consultant and internationally-­-known keynote speaker. He is the founder of three companies -­- BITHGROUP Technologies, Inc., BITHENERGY, Inc., and EntreTeach Learning Systems, LLC. BITHGROUP Technologies is a successful information technology services company specializing in managed security services, health information systems, infrastructure IT services, wireless engineering, and biometrics.

BITHENERGY is a dynamic energy engineering and management company that develops and implements energy management, energy efficiency, and renewable energy solutions for government and commercial clients. Mr. Wallace also founded Entreteach Learning Systems, LLC, through which he conducts economic and entrepreneurial research and has authored five top-­-selling books that provide solutions for addressing the unique challenges facing small, women-­-owned, and minority-­-owned companies. His groundbreaking research has provided the foundation for his entrepreneurial training programs that have benefited entrepreneurs throughout the world.

Hear his take on creating hope in our youth!

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